You get the best of it all with Gabbard Photography.

I use my passion for photography to capture images that portray the character and emotion of the memories you hold close. Whether it’s preserving the first breath of your newborn baby, stealing a glimpse of a newly engaged couple’s warm embrace, or tangibly catching a moment with your loving family, I want to help you keep those memories as vivid as the second they happened. I add to that my love of woodworking to create fun props for newborn or daycare photos or my newest photo booth that was inspired by large format field cameras. My years of experience working in tech support helped me create this photo booth as well as troubleshooting my cameras and computer in a timely manner to keep your photo delivery on time without having to outsource. Years of experience in multiple envrionments working customer service roles means you will get top level service from start to finish. 

Add to all of that a general passion to create and you get artfully crafted custom props for your session or photo booth guests, gorgeous fine art photographs of your family or special event, and a friendly and knowledgable photographer to work with through the entire process.